Saturday, April 20, 2013

A new foray into cover art

After much thought, I've made the tough decision to commission some new cover art for my novel.

Why the change? Because I've come to the realization that my current cover doesn't look like something you'd see on a bookstore shelf. Readers are fickle creatures. Check that; human beings are fickle creatures. Something as shallow as cover art will absolutely affect the sales of your book. If people see the thumbnail and aren't tempted to click, they'll keep on scrolling and that's another buyer gone.

I've heard this time and time again. It's sunk in; I understand the lesson. But when I first saw the current cover art, I think I had blinders on. I know I could never pull off art even approaching the quality of this cover. I was impressed, rightfully so. But my opinion on the matter doesn't count. The potential reader's does.

Up until now, I haven't spent a cent on publishing my book. I realize now that this needs to change. So I browsed DeviantArt, found a professional artist willing to take on the job, and gave him $300. Total cost of the project will be just over twice that.

This is an experiment, if an expensive one. Until this cover is finished, I'm putting a freeze on marketing Kydona. Then, once the new cover is uploaded, I'll start up again--with a vengeance. If I start seeing my book added to more shelves, I'll know I've succeeded.

I expect to see a finished product in 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned, and wish me luck!

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