Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Good news; update on book 2; and a little bonus!

Great strides in the past couple of days! On Smashwords, Kydona is up to 142 downloads, with 2 five-star reviews! One of these reviewers even added me to her favorite author's list. This may seem small, but it's just so nice to get some validation for something I've poured so much heart and effort into.

Thank you to everyone who's downloaded and read my book so far. I truly appreciate every single download.

Editing of book 2 proceeds apace. My illustrator, Krystal Leach, is about to start work on the cover. Like the cover of book 1, it's guaranteed to draw the eye! I've also hit on a name, helpfully approved by my fiance:

Kydona: From Ashes

The book is fully written and close to final draft stage. I expect to have it up within 2 months.

In an attempt to hold you over, here's a large version of the cover. Feel free to share it, use it as your wallpaper, whatever!

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