Tuesday, May 21, 2013

About Kydona

Nearly a millennium past, the Aspects of God were born into the world. There was Ancel the Warrior, wrath incarnate—and Elessa the Merciful, love embodied. Together they founded a nation, one they intended to serve as a beacon to a world gone mad.

An age later, Lord Prince Marcus Audric de Pilars stands to inherit a kingdom on the verge of crumbling. A terrible war has been fought and won, born of an atrocity that spurred an entire generation to conflict. But the cost of that victory may have been too high.

At his mother’s deathbed, Marcus learns the beginnings of a dire truth—that the war was a lie, and that those who rule are to blame. Piece by piece, the true nature of the world is revealed to him. At court, nobles squabble for fortune and power, their ambitions fickle and deadly at once. Beautiful courtesans sidle through the halls of the palace, stoking lust and feeding on intrigue. Outside the luxurious halls, the common people live day to day mired in poverty.

All of them are oblivious to the new threat looming in the east. From the ashes of the war Marcus’s father fought, a new conflict is taking shape—one that promises to set the entire world aflame.

Marcus sees to his dismay that the shortcomings of his peers are his to share. Battling his reckless youth and the natural arrogance of his birth, he fumbles through his journey to become a better man—and his infinite fallibility puts those closest to him in the greatest danger. His whims drag him from romance to romance, and through lethal plots convoluted beyond his ability to reckon. Gradually, he walks a trail of broken hearts and hewn corpses—to the east.

To the frozen steppe of Kydona.

As his world unravels around him, the crown prince learns that the difference between quarrel and murder, between lust and love, between right and wrong—all rest on a knife edge so sharp that even a hero cannot tell them apart.

But through it all, he learns the truth of Blessed Elessa’s teaching: There is no soul that passes through the world uncorrupted. But there is no soul that cannot be redeemed.

Kydona is a character-driven hard fantasy series written by T. K. Krug III. It frames the struggle between two powerful nations: Elessia and Kydona. Not so long ago, these kingdoms fought a terrible war that brought both near to extinction. Defeated and subjugated for nearly two decades, Kydona now threatens to rise again, and plunge the world into a new conflict even deadlier than the last.

More than anything, Kydona is a human story. Strong, colorful characters lie at its heart, bringing the pages to life. There is Marcus, the crown prince, who unwittingly builds his quest for truth on a foundation of bitterness and regret. He is an entirely fallible hero who discovers, to his dismay, that he may be just as corrupt as those he has set out to destroy. At his side is Vernon, a playboy noble with a weak spot for anyone of the female sex and an apparent inability to take anything seriously. There's Kaelyn as well: a cheeky courtesan with beauty born of careful breeding. She's clever to a fault, and hopelessly infatuated with a man she knows she can never truly have. And of course, Jaspar: a handsome scion of a noble house, a brute whose one true wish is to see Marcus brought low in the worst ways imaginable.

Their youth is deceptive. Because in the midst of court intrigue, there is no such thing as child's play.

Thank you for taking an interest in the Kydona series. Book I is available for free on Smashwords and Amazon (see links on the right panel).

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