Tuesday, May 14, 2013

T Minutes 18!

With just over two weeks until the release of Kydona: From Ashes, I decided it's high time to offer some rewards to my loyal readership!

So, the first 5 people to comment on this post will receive a free digital copy of the book. (Yes, this book will actually cost money. Sorry!)

I've been hard at work doing some final, frantic editing. My talented illustrator, Sam Carr (see his link), has promised me a finished cover by the end of this month--just in time for the June 1 release date.

Very excited for this! Hopefully you are too!

Next post, I'll put up something thoughtful and hopefully kind of interesting. In the meantime, start commenting for your free copies!


  1. Are you, by chance screening comments? Because I can't see any and it doesn't seem probable. But just in case there's less than 5... I am expressing my interest too. =)

    1. You're the first, and I'm flattered! A free copy is yours. Thanks for the interest!

    2. Hi Ksenia, I'm having some trouble locating your email on your profile. Can you please send it to krugt2@hotmail.com? Then I'll send your free copy along.