Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q&A and Author Spotlight on Free eBooks Daily

Free eBooks Daily, an indie book blog, was nice enough to feature Kydona on its front page today, along with an Author Spotlight and 10 Fun & Random Facts about me.

Check it out! And while you're at it, browse the site a bit to discover some other good indie reads.

On the personal front, we're winding down here in Afghanistan, getting ready for our replacements to arrive. It's an exciting if busy time. My soldiers and I are packing shipping containers, writing down our SOPs for our replacements' benefit, knocking out our daily duties, and of course, making a last frantic bid to get in shape before we get back to the real world.

However, I've found time to write bits of my next sequel, Dreadnought. Without giving too much away, this story will be told from not one, but two very different points of view. A hint: you were introduced to the first protagonist at the end of From Ashes. And another: thanks to the second protagonist, you're in for some laughs.

The story is planned and the ending is written. Now to steadily pick away at the rest.

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